Below is a list of links to our Recommended Sites that offer interesting or useful information, products and services.



We have a long history with the Land Rover brand based on 19 years of experience in dealing with parts and repair. ┬áThis includes a long career in Southern Africa – selling parts, doing repairs and having fun off-road! We are also very familiar with the main parts Wholesalers (and have a close relationship with more than one of them!). We do not pretend to know everything there is to know but will do our very best to assist you in any regard.


A UK Website for Land Rover owners and Lovers.

We’ve got galleries with loads of pictures of Land Rovers – you can even upload your own pictures and albums, a Web Directory, a Land Rover forum, classified ads, user based product reviews and much more. You will have to Join to post in the forum or gallery but don’t worry it’s totally free!

Barebox storage solutions


Basically, we produce quality storage boxes, specifically designed for use in Land Rover Series and Land Rover Defender vehicles. Our boxes are extremely strong and when fitted with suitable locks, they are very secure. Just the job for locking all your “stuff” out of sight. Our BareBoxes are also profiled, to make use of all the available wheelarch space. You’ll be amazed at how much kit they can consume!



A website dedicated to all things Mig,Tig,Stick welding and the associated skills like painting, spraying etc. The websites author is Malcolm Vardy. He is the man behind the mask in, Malcolm bought his first welder in 1992 for the restoration of his 1959 MGA. Since then he has restored (and modified) an MGB, several Renault 4s, and an Aston Martin. Malcolm had a single day of welding training at college back in 1990, but mostly he learned to weld on the job. Since then he has learned a massive amount from the forum.



Fun Furniture Collection by The Art Of Seeing was inspired by our visit to Gaydon Classic & Vintage Commercial Show in 2008. Our passion for vehicles of all types combining it with the love of furniture design resulted in a unique fun and off the wall furniture collection all based around vehicles. A small range launched one year later at the same show and now we are developing the range on a commission basis as well as ideas given by people and our own “would like to do list”.

Boris Loske


On this personal site of Boris Loske you will find articles about various repair and maintenance related issues on the various Land Rovers that he has owned over the years including Series II and upto TD4 Land Rovers. It is a great site and a highly recommended read for any Land Rover Enthusiast, just look under the rover link to find Boris’s guides.