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Welcome To Shirefabrications

Shirefabrications are Specialist’s in Land Rover security & modification products.

Their aim is to stamp out Land Rover thefts across the UK.  Statistics show that  an average of 40 Land Rovers per week are being stolen, they are usually stolen to be broken down for parts and sold on, stolen and cloned or they are simply being stolen to order so that they can be shipped out of the country for re-sale. Insurance premiums for our vehicles are rising steadily with mine alone raising by 28% from last years premium, I have not influenced the increase in my premium but thieves of other Land Rovers have indirectly cost me more. Specialist insurers such as The NFU are rapidly losing interest in insuring our beloved Land Rovers and if even the farmers friend are losing interest then we must take action to protect our vehicles.

Any Land Rover owner will know that we all become attached to our characterful vehicles and we put so much of ourselves into then that they become like an addition to the family. Our Land Rovers become personal to each and every one of us and indiviual to us.

Dont let yours be a statistic.

Shirefabrications manufacture a fantastic product that every Land Rover owner should own, their range covers both Defender and Discovery models and are of very high standards.


Shirefabrications  SAFE T PEDAL’S are the latest in Land Rover defender security products.

The Safe T Pedal range has been designed with CAD to ensure that they exactly fit our Land Rovers footwells perfectly.  The Safe T Pedal follows the contours of your footwell with 3 precise bends to eliminate being removed without a key.

The material’s used on the Safe T Pedals are extremely high quality components and the steel is laser cut out of 5mm thick steel sheet, the locks used on this product have been given a security rating of 9 with 10 being the highest.  The Safe T Pedal product is then finished in bright yellow powder coat which is extremely hard wearing & creates a highly visual deterrent to any potential thief.

This device is fitted in seconds unlike some competitors locks which are very time consuming.


Carl of Shirefabrications has been gracious enough to agree to offer a discount to readers of RepairMyLandrover , anyone that orders one of the Safe T Pedal products and mentions RepairmyLandrover will receive a £5.00 discount on their purchase.  If you would like to place an order for a Safe T Pedal then you can either :-

Don’t Forget – If you place an order and mention that you saw the products on RepairMyLandrover they will apply a £5 Discount to the Safe T Pedal

Peace of mind can come cheaper with a little help from RepairMyLandrover and Shirefabrication 


Quote “

Hi Carl,
I am thrilled to bits with this Defender Security Pedal Lock. My Ebay feedback cannot do it justice. It is absolutely superb. It is so sturdy and what a brilliant idea. It is so well engineered – I cannot see how it can be removed without the key. My wife reckons only a bomb would remove it. Hence, I have total confidence that this the best Landrover Defender Security measure on the market. I have looked at competitor products like the ‘Clutch Claw’, but this can be defeated with hydraulics to prise the metal components apart. This can’t be achieved with the Security Pedal Lock, as all the works are enclosed by heavy grade sheet steel. The Pedal Lock steel and components are of top grade steel, even oxyacetylene would struggle to pierce the steel. I think even the Landrover Company would be proud to be associated with this product, as it lives upto Landrover quality and sturdiness. Excellent product. Highly recommended. You can use this text Carl, if you wish, in your adverts.




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